Virtual Academy

Royal School District has developed a 100% remote distance learning program, called the Royal Virtual Academy, for all students in grades K-12 whose families do not yet feel comfortable sending their child(ren) to school in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any family interested in having their student attend the Virtual Academy should contact their child’s school building.

The reality of online learning is that students will need to take personal responsibility for their own learning to a greater degree than is often shown in an in-school setting. If personal responsibility is difficult for a child, the parent needs to be prepared to work with their child daily to ensure they complete their tasks. Some children may be more successful in an in-school setting, and each family will need to weigh the benefits and challenges of whether Royal Virtual Academy is right for them. Teachers will do everything they can to support students and their parents to be successful.

Check out our Virtual Academy informational videos here 


If you have any questions about the Royal Virtual Academy, please contact Polly Carlson at [email protected] or Blanca Delgado at 509-346-2226 ext. 5144. 

Accessing Meal Services During Remote Learning

If you have any questions about when and how to access meal services for your student(s), please contact Kim Mead at 509-346-2257 or [email protected] and she will help you to arrange pick up of meals for the week.

Virtual Academy for Kindergarten through 6th Grade

In grades K-6th, the Royal Virtual Academy has four dedicated teachers, assisted by two other school professionals who help with teacher support and parent communication. The Virtual Academy will be as rigorous and challenging as in-person school. The time it takes students will vary. Virtual Academy students should expect to spend 3-4 hours on school each day to be successful.

  • K-1st Grade Teacher:  Kaitlyn Barnett
  • 2nd-3rd Grade Teacher:  Aislinn Bufi
  • 4th-6th Grade Teacher:  Polly Carlson and Kerry Janett

Mrs. Carlson and Mrs. Janett will share the 4th-6th grade students, teaching math/science and reading/social studies, respectively.  Teachers will work together to meet the needs of all students grades K-6, with the help of Cindia Arroyo in the role of Teacher Support and Blanca Delgado as Parent Liaison.

Students will receive their primary Reading and Math instruction with iReady. iReady gives students an initial diagnostic and then guides the student through an individualized learning path. Teachers will supplement the iReady program as needed. Teachers develop science and social studies lessons in conjunction with the regular grade-level teachers and adapt lessons to the needs of online learners. Students also receive lessons in technology skills, Character Strong, and Specials. Students work on their writing skills each week within their lessons in each of these areas. Most teacher instruction will be in the form of pre-recorded videos, followed by a task for the student to complete, and Google Meets to discuss what students have learned and to check understanding.

More information can be found on each of these Google Docs linked below:

  • Red Rock Virtual Academy Students (English) HERE
  • Red Rock Virtual Academy Students (Spanish) HERE
  • Royal Intermediate Students (English Page 1, Spanish page 3) HERE
  • RIS Google Slide Deck Presentation HERE

Middle School (7th-8th Grade)

Royal Middle School Virtual Academy students will have the same teachers that their peers attending school in-person will have. Royal Middle School as an entire school was early adopters of the technologies that make for great virtual learning, even before the pandemic. The RMS teachers will make instructional videos that all students will use, and teachers will offer support for those students who are learning from home.

High School (9th-12th Grade)

Students and families concerned about enrolling for in-person learning required in our hybrid option (2-3 days per week in-person and 2-3 days per week online learning), may choose to enroll for all virtual learning. These students will be known as neither Cohort A or Cohort B, but instead Cohort O (O for all online students). They will be expected to access their school schedules via Google Classroom invites from their teachers (sent on September 8-9). Students will be required to answer daily attendance questions and show evidence toward learning standards in each of their classes by completing the assignments "dropped" (uploaded into the LMS) by teachers each Friday. There will be videos and instructional support throughout the week to enhance student learning. Online students may contact teachers with questions via Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, e-mail, and phone calls throughout the week.